Serie B: Empoli and Monza ok, equal for Frosinone and Salernitana


Serie B, the ranking

Empoli to the last dive, Pordenone ko in ten

Hunt for the twelfth consecutive useful result for the leaders Empoli, which at Castellani hosts a Pordenone in difficulty, with only one victory in the last 10 races and struggling with 13 absences due to the Covid emergency (which risked to question the unfolding of the game). And the road, already uphill, immediately becomes more inaccessible for the ‘lizards’ who at 6′ remain in ten: yellow for a detention on Olivieti for Falasco, who then protests with La Penna and immediately remedies another one. Tesser keeps the back four with Biondi full-back and the fort holds up until the rest, with the Tuscans really dangerous only with Bajrami, who at 31 ‘touches the post while the subsequent conclusions of Stulac (37’) and Mancuso (42) are less precise. ‘). In the second half it was a siege of Empoli with the visiting goalkeeper Perisan who lowered the shutter on Bajrami, Parisi (who also hit a crossbar) and Fiamozzi to then perform a ‘miracle’ on La Mantia’s header (76 ‘). It seems close for Pordenone whose wall ‘collapses however at 88’: cross from the left by Bajrami, at the far post Ryder Matos finds the deviation that hits the knee of Chrzanowski, author of the unfortunate and decisive own goal that gives the victory to the leaders.

Empoli-Pordenone: match report and statistics

Frosinone tries but does not break through

At the Bentegodi delicate challenge between teams looking for redemption and new points to cling to the playoff train. For both the two Gialloblù teams a victory in the last five games, with Chievo returning from the knockout of Lecce and Frosinone instead from the internal mockery against Brescia. In the first half the fear of losing conditions the (slow) rhythms of the match and there are no concrete scoring opportunities, with the Veronese relying on Garritano’s push on the left and the Ciociari to settle for a slow but imprecise ball, leaning on the banks of Novakovich . Same script in the first quarter of an hour of the second half, but it turns on ‘at 60’ with the opportunity wasted by the Ciociari, with Novakovich who does not take advantage of a gift from the home defense by kicking a side close to Semper. Chievo responds with Fabbro, who touches the post in turn on the banks of De Luca, but it is still Frosinone to waste with Rohden, who alone in front of the incredibly tall football goalkeeper (71 ‘). Then the newcomer Iemmello has no better luck, who overcomes Rigione but only touches the post with his left crossed. Nesta’s team does not give up and tries until the end, but in the 91st minute it is Gigliotti who makes up for it again on Iemmello launched at the net.

Chievo-Frosinone: match report and statistics

Van de Looi launches Brescia

Challenge between two teams in mid-table limbo at Rigamonti, with the swallows returning from three victories in a row (Cosenza, Venice and Frosinone) to host the Calabrians returning from the important success against Monza. High rhythms from the start and the first opportunity is for the hosts: Ragusa enters the area from the right and concludes from the top of the area, with Nicolas rejecting with his fists. Brescia insists and first asks in vain for the touch of a hand in the area of ​​Kingsley, then with a cross from Martella on which Aye hits on the fly finding still attentive the goalkeeper of the guests who, before the rest, waste a great chance with Kingsley, who kicks to the stars from the heart of the area. It goes to the interval at 0-0 and after a minute of the restart the game is released: it is the midfielder Van de Looi who finds the right corner with a left-footed low shot from the edge and gives Brescia the lead. Reggina feels the blow and risks two more minutes later: Ragusa restart and Nicolas deflected for a corner on the attacker’s poisonous cross-shot. The Calabrians do not seem able to scare the swallows that in the 79th minute still engage the visiting goalkeeper with a header from Fridjonsson on a cross from the lively Martella. Last thrill in the 91st minute, when Reggina touches the post with a taddo from Del Prato.

Brescia-Reggina: match report and statistics

Cittadella-Salernitana without nets

High-ranking challenge at the Tombolato, with the Cittadella looking for continuity after the victory against Pisa against a Salernitana who has returned from ten consecutive useful results (but with 7 draws). The first chance is for the hosts: Baldini arrives in the opponent’s penalty area and kicks a loose ball from his left, but the conclusion is lost at the bottom (10 ‘). An immediate reply from the Campanians, who hit the crossbar for two minutes with a header from Bogdan on a cross from a corner kick. The close advantage gives Castori’s team confidence, which takes over the command of operations, but is no longer able to really worry Venturato’s defense until the interval. In the second half the Cittadella grows, which engages Belec with Gargiulo (50 ‘) while akk’86’ Salernitana risks an own goal with Bogdan. The most tempting opportunity for the hosts in the 94th minute, with D’Urso who jumps three opponents and supports Proia in the penalty area whose left is stopped by the inside post.

Cittadella-Salernitana: match report and statistics

Monza wins without Balotelli

Monza is angry for the knockout against Reggina the one hosting Reggiana, orphan of the injured Balotelli, as well as of the suspended Bellusci, of Barberis and Gytkjaer. Back from three consecutive defeats (and only one point in the last four games) the Emilians, in an emergency behind (Libutti, Rozzio and Gyamfi unavailable), are immediately put in crisis by an unleashed Dany Mota. And it is precisely the Portuguese striker to propitiate the advantage of the Brianza in the 12 ‘: lunge to the left and low cross, the deflected ball reaches Carlos Augusto who finds the 1-0 with his left. Brocchi’s team commands the game and at 28 ‘goes close to doubling with Armellino, who touches the post from 30 meters while the subsequent conclusion of Frattesi is very high (39’). Then resumed under management for Monza, which in the 79th minute secured the result with a right at the Colpani intersection and gave second place to Brocchi.

Monza-Reggiana: match report and statistics

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