World Cup 2026 Qualifiers: Who’s In and Who’s Next?


The anticipation for the World Cup 2026 is already building, and fans worldwide are eager to know which countries will be battling it out on the biggest stage in soccer. With the tournament expanding to 48 teams, there are more opportunities than ever for nations to qualify. But who gets an automatic pass, and which countries will need to fight their way through the qualifiers? This article dives into the automatic qualifiers and the hopefuls vying for a spot in the World Cup 2026.

Automatic Qualifiers: The Lucky Few

Host Nations

The biggest change for the World Cup 2026 is the expansion to include three host nations: the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This marks the first time in World Cup history that the tournament will be hosted by three countries. As hosts, all three nations automatically qualify for the tournament, ensuring their participation without needing to go through the usual qualification process.

  1. United States: Known for its passionate sports culture and a growing soccer fan base, the U.S. will be looking to make a significant impact on home soil.
  2. Canada: With a rising profile in international soccer, Canada aims to showcase its talent and compete strongly in the tournament.
  3. Mexico: A traditional powerhouse in CONCACAF, Mexico will be a team to watch, leveraging home advantage to push for glory.

FIFA’s Decision on Automatic Qualification

Traditionally, only the host nation(s) receive automatic qualification. However, with three countries co-hosting, FIFA had to decide whether to grant automatic spots to all three. After thorough deliberation, FIFA confirmed that all three hosts would indeed qualify automatically. This decision underscores the significance of the 2026 tournament and aims to promote soccer across North America.

Pathway to Qualification: The Contenders

With 45 more spots up for grabs, the competition is intense. Each continental federation has a set number of slots, and the battle to fill these slots promises to be thrilling. Here’s a breakdown of the qualification process by region:

UEFA (Europe)

Europe remains the stronghold of competitive soccer, with many top-tier teams. UEFA has been allocated 16 spots for the 2026 World Cup.

  1. Qualification Process: Teams will compete in groups, with the top teams securing direct spots and the remaining teams entering playoff rounds.
  2. Top Contenders: Traditional powerhouses like Germany, France, Spain, and England are expected to qualify, but the competition will be fierce with emerging teams like Denmark and Croatia in the mix.

CONMEBOL (South America)

South America, known for its passionate soccer culture, has six guaranteed spots, with a potential seventh through an intercontinental playoff.

  1. Qualification Process: The usual round-robin format will determine the top teams, with each team playing home and away matches.
  2. Top Contenders: Brazil and Argentina are almost certain to qualify given their historical performances. Teams like Uruguay, Colombia, and Chile will also be strong contenders.

CONCACAF (North, Central America, and the Caribbean)

Apart from the three automatic qualifiers, CONCACAF has three additional spots, with a fourth possible through an intercontinental playoff.

  1. Qualification Process: Teams will compete in several rounds, with the final round determining the direct qualifiers.
  2. Top Contenders: Costa Rica and Honduras are strong candidates, while teams like Jamaica and Panama will be fighting hard for a spot.

CAF (Africa)

Africa has been allocated nine spots, with an additional potential spot through the intercontinental playoffs.

  1. Qualification Process: The CAF qualification process involves multiple rounds, including group stages and knockout rounds.
  2. Top Contenders: Nigeria, Senegal, and Egypt are expected to be strong contenders. Teams like Algeria and Morocco will also aim to make their mark.

AFC (Asia)

Asia has eight direct spots, plus a possible ninth through an intercontinental playoff.

  1. Qualification Process: The qualification process involves several rounds, starting with preliminary rounds and culminating in group stages.
  2. Top Contenders: Japan, South Korea, and Iran are likely qualifiers. Australia and Saudi Arabia will also be in the mix.

OFC (Oceania)

Oceania has one guaranteed spot, with a potential second spot through an intercontinental playoff.

  1. Qualification Process: OFC’s qualification process involves group stages and knockout rounds.
  2. Top Contenders: New Zealand is the favorite, but teams like Solomon Islands and Fiji will challenge for the spot.

The Road Ahead: Qualifying Nations

The journey to the World Cup is never easy, but the expanded format for 2026 provides more opportunities for nations to participate. The upcoming qualification matches will be crucial, as teams across the globe vie for a coveted spot. Here are a few predictions and insights into which countries might make it through the qualifiers:

UEFA Predictions

  • Germany: Historically strong and consistent, Germany is a safe bet for qualification.
  • France: The reigning World Cup champions as of 2018, France will be looking to defend their title.
  • Spain and England: Both nations have strong squads and are expected to qualify comfortably.
  • Surprise Entrants: Watch out for countries like Denmark, who have been performing exceptionally well in recent years.

CONMEBOL Predictions

  • Brazil and Argentina: These giants are almost guaranteed to qualify.
  • Uruguay and Colombia: Both have a rich history and are likely to make it through.
  • Potential Surprises: Chile and Peru could provide upsets and secure their spots.

CONCACAF Predictions

  • Costa Rica and Honduras: Historically strong in the region, these teams are likely to qualify.
  • Jamaica and Panama: Both nations have shown promise and could secure the remaining spots.
  • Dark Horses: Teams like El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago could surprise fans with their performance.

CAF Predictions

  • Nigeria, Senegal, and Egypt: These teams are perennial favorites and are expected to qualify.
  • Algeria and Morocco: Both nations have strong squads and could easily make it through the qualifiers.
  • Emerging Teams: Watch out for Mali and Ivory Coast, who have shown potential in recent tournaments.

AFC Predictions

  • Japan, South Korea, and Iran: These teams are the top contenders from Asia.
  • Australia and Saudi Arabia: Both have a strong chance of qualifying.
  • Underdogs: Teams like Uzbekistan and Qatar could make surprising entries.

OFC Predictions

  • New Zealand: The dominant force in Oceania, New Zealand is expected to qualify.
  • Solomon Islands and Fiji: These teams could challenge for the intercontinental playoff spot.


The World Cup 2026 qualifiers promise to be a thrilling ride as nations from around the globe battle for a spot in the expanded tournament. With 48 teams set to compete, the stakes are higher, and the opportunities are greater. From the automatic qualifiers, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, to the fierce competition in Europe, South America, and beyond, every match will be a stepping stone toward soccer glory.

Fans can look forward to exciting games, unexpected upsets, and the emergence of new soccer heroes. As the qualification process unfolds, the anticipation will only grow, setting the stage for an unforgettable World Cup in 2026. Stay tuned, as the journey to soccer’s grandest stage continues, with nations giving their all to join the ranks of World Cup 2026 qualifiers.

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